Communication is energy

"What someone says (communicates) has an immediate impact on our feelings and mood. We feel better or worse as a result. Something happens to our energy."

communication and energy are one  . . . you can learn it

Today you will find a stunning array of communication techniques and systems for energy management. Often these techniques are limited to superficial confirmations and repetitions of the matters discussed. Around the meeting table there is supposedly a clear communication, with solid agreements. However, once outside the door, each participant goes his/her own way and perhaps tries "to score" personally. This attitude leads to a drain of energy, individually and collectively.

In addition, energy management targets changes in activities and agendas, but leaves no room for unforeseen circumstances.

At E.A.S.T. we make no distinction between communication and energy. With the right indicators, we know when someone will or will not keep an appointment. We learn to communicate with each other in such a way—without words or body language—that everyone's energy increases. That benefits all involved.

Just think about it. Who would you rather have around you: happy or unhappy people?


Our attitude determines our lives
                        Therefore, EAST is widely applicable

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