Vision, mission, values


The mission of E.A.S.T. Institute vzw is to restore connectedness. This in general in all areas of society, but particularly in education, health care and in organizations and companies.



  • an education that supports youngsters in developing their natural intelligence, their empathy and responsible behavior
  • health care services based on capable health careprofessionals with high vitality and flexibility
  • companies and organizations where employees and staff experience fulfillment and joy because of their connection with corporate targets which are supportive to the bioregion
  • adults authentically participating in the creation of an ethical-ecological society



The values ​​we cherish are coherence, authenticity and healing presence.

For E.A.S.T. practitioners the meaning of these concepts are :

  • Coherence is the harmonious cooperation of head (intelligence), heart (empathy) and hands (ethical actions) as a result of the connectedness with our deeper self and with the environment.
  • “Connectedness” is not a word, but a condition that can be experienced internally.
  • Authenticity is the attitude, the inner state, in which we no longer choose to think negatively about others.
  • Healing presence can occur as a result of coherence and authentic communication.



Our attitude determines our lives
                        Therefore, EAST is widely applicable

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