Your energy level determines how you function. It determines how you move, how you feel, how you communicate and how you experience the world.

As a human, you have two energy systems:

  • Your batteries
  • Your connection to the grid

The batteries ensure the preservation and maintenance of your physical system. Your connection to the network does this, in part, but also the grid connects with more subtle energies from the environment, which ensures growth.

Many energy-management methods teach you how to get energy from the batteries, making it quickly available.

The E.A.S.T. method (Energetic Awareness, Sensitivity and Transformation) teaches you how to connect to the grid, which means you have an infinite source available.

Then you function better at any time and in every area.

The E.A.S.T. Institute trajectories teach you how to

  • build up your energy level
  • conserve energy in communication
  • increase energy through collaboration

The result: better performance, communication, and collaboration. In summary: profit at every level.


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